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Larry Santiago


I'm a relational/humanistic psychotherapist working with adolescents, individuals, couples and families. I utilize a caring and engaging methodology and provide a safe and supportive environment. This safe space allows you to reflect and develop new ways of handling challenges you are facing. I find that most people seek therapy wanting to address two main issues; relationship issues and life transitions. Some of these life transitions include career changes, relocation, changes in relationship, pregnancy, childbirth and parenting, facing illness, trauma and loss.

From an existential/spiritual end, I find that many clients are also seeking more meaning and fulfillment in life.

I have a particular expertise in working with clients who have diverse cultural backgrounds (e.g. ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation.) I also have a deep association working with artistic/creative type individuals and can address particular issues that arise being an artist confined to a conventional/mainstream worldview. I combine components of Western psychotherapy with Eastern wisdom traditions, which fosters generation of balance, insight and well-being.

Often times the psyche has difficulties being accessed by verbal communication alone. We are stuck in our story and easily direct ourselves to a comfortable narrative. This is why I incorporate various non-verbal modalities including mindfulness, meditation, guided imagery, somatic experiencing, and expressive arts therapy including music, drawing and movement.

Regular sessions $200 with a limited sliding scale for those who qualify.


Eager to set up a partnership with you.
Culturally sensitive to all backgrounds.
Takes individual’s characteristics in account in determining treatment.
Treatments are carefully developed to suit every situation.
Optimism is consistently applied about your probability of progress.